India sitting on terror precipice
Posted on 28 March 2008 4:55

India’s fight against terror seems to be reaching nowhere. The arrest of almost the entire leadership of Students Islamic Movement of India(SIMI) from a hideout in Indore on March 27 reveal that a ban on the extremist organization in 2002 has not helped in containing its influence.

Its runaway chief leader Safdar Nagori and his accociates, who had gone underground after the ban, have been masterminding a series of terror attacks across the country, including the 2006 Mumbai blasts that killed 187 people and the twins blasts at Gateway of India and Zaveri Bazar in 2003 that killed 53 people.

SIMI leadership is found to have close links with the terror group Lashkar-e-Tayyeba.

Police found that the SIMI activists have been plotting to attack the police headquarters in Hyderabad and two key nuclear facilities — the Nuclear Fuel Complex in Hyderabad and the Kaiga nuclear complex at Karwar in Karnataka.

The Uttar Pradesh police have unearthed a plot by terrorists to attack Kashi Vishwanath temple and Gyanwapi mosque.

Ruling party and Opposition continue attacks against each other
Posted on 26 March 2008 5:41

New Delhi, Mar 26 (PTI) Stung by Congress tirade against its senior leader L K Advani, BJP today raked up insurgency in Punjab and North-East, terrorism in Kashmir and the LTTE issues in a bid to push the ruling party to the backfoot. Hitting back at Congress, the main Opposition party said it has no “moral right” to speak on terrorism and criticise the BJP as it had always “supported and encouraged” terrorism with an eye on votebank.

Senior leaders Venkaiah Naidu and Arun Jaitley also found nothing wrong in Advani visiting Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi as they noted that both the parties should respect each other since they were not enemies but political rivals. “Who created Bhindranwale, who sponsored him, who is responsible for his activities, who sent Army into Golden Temple?” Naidu asked in an attempt to turn the tables on the Congress.


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